Sunday, December 20, 2009


In the holly jolly spirit and armed with the holiday issue of Taste of Home, I decided to tackle homemade marshmallows. I only started chronicling the process on day two, so I don't have pictures of being hunched over the candy thermometer waiting for it to read 240 degrees (which is soft ball stage...which means nothing to me but that's what the magazine said.) Nor do I have pictures of my mixer whipping the ingredients into the best looking fluff I've ever seen. I didn't know something that delicious looking could come out of my kitchen. But, I do have pictures of day two.

The delicious-looking fluff was poured into a foil lined pan to sit overnight. The tin foil was coated with butter for easy removal. Then I used a cooking spray coated pizza cutter to make little cubes. This is just before I cut apart the last row.

Here's the decoration stage at which time Bryan joined me. We were a little over zealous with the chocolate and cherry chocolate at first and backed off to create the drizzled marshmallows in the foreground. The overly dunked marshmallows were eaten shortly after this picture was taken.

And here are the marshmallows doing their job in our cocoa.

And here is the view while we drank our cocoa. Ho Ho Ho indeed.

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