Monday, April 11, 2011

What did you do this weekend?

We went back to 1953 and took these pictures.

(I cannot guarantee this will be the last retrocamera post)

Friday, April 8, 2011

This is Cooler Than Me

This is the results of an app called RetroCamera - completely free. Our boots have never looked....artsier.

And here's our artsy cat:

Thursday, April 7, 2011


My mom informed me about a stress level scale for life. Certain life events have a percentage or rating of how stressful they are. Death of a spouse is 100% stressful (Bryan is fine); moving and losing your job are both in the 80-90% range (these apply). So armed with that tidbit I went to google: How stressful is my life? I asked google. (Which reminded me of the time I googled "Where is my mommy?" when I couldn't find her in the house. When my mom later googled something that started with "where is..." and that popped up as a suggested question, I was found out.) I couldn't find the scale of stress my mom referenced. But I did gain some perspective. Among the results was information about how stressful going to jail is, and about how stressful a condition known as gastroparesis is. As proof of the latter: "I cannot describe how stressful my life was during these years. Every time I burped, I would feel anxious. Was 'it' starting again?" I'm not incarcerated and can burp without a problem. I must be fine.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy 2011! It's strange to write that here when I'm pretty sure that I've told the few people who DO read this "Happy New Year" to their face. Forgive my being redundant.

2011 will be an interesting one as it begins the countdown to the end of this here blog. Bryan and I are moving, and alas, the clever moniker "Condo in Cando" will not be relevant. I've thought about all the different "home names" (tudor, cottage, ranch, trailer...which I'm pretty sure I know because of playing the game Life) and I can't think of another combination of town+house that would equal anything better than "Condo in Cando."

I told my sister we were moving and she (facetiously) pointed out that my biggest worry was probably what to name the blog. Granted, I'm not losing sleep over the name, but I did try to do a little blog research to see what other creative names are out there. What I found were a LOT of blogs written by people from the perspective of their pets. I thought, "This is like time-wasting squared; first the intitial time wasted writing the blog multiplied by my time wasted looking at them."

And because that last sentence really made me self conscious about blogging (that's probably what people have thought reading my blog!) I'll stop so as to avoid multiplying YOUR time wasted.