Thursday, April 7, 2011


My mom informed me about a stress level scale for life. Certain life events have a percentage or rating of how stressful they are. Death of a spouse is 100% stressful (Bryan is fine); moving and losing your job are both in the 80-90% range (these apply). So armed with that tidbit I went to google: How stressful is my life? I asked google. (Which reminded me of the time I googled "Where is my mommy?" when I couldn't find her in the house. When my mom later googled something that started with "where is..." and that popped up as a suggested question, I was found out.) I couldn't find the scale of stress my mom referenced. But I did gain some perspective. Among the results was information about how stressful going to jail is, and about how stressful a condition known as gastroparesis is. As proof of the latter: "I cannot describe how stressful my life was during these years. Every time I burped, I would feel anxious. Was 'it' starting again?" I'm not incarcerated and can burp without a problem. I must be fine.

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