Saturday, January 23, 2010


A few pictures from our trip:

First and foremost, it was cold. This was my uniform the whole trip. But, it made all the lines short so we didn't have to wait for any rides!

First stop, Seuss Landing...

..where we didn't really fit in.

We did Universal Studios for two days and rode almost every ride. The only one that made us a little sick was the big Hulk coaster.

On our last day in Orlando, we went to Sea World. We fed the dolphins, sea lions, sharks and sting rays. To feed the sting rays you had to stick your hand all the way to bottom with the fish sticking up between your fingers.

I was apprehensive.

Bryan kept his wits about him a lot better than I did.

And out last picture in Orlando - in front of the dolphin nursery.

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