Sunday, February 14, 2010

Speech & Cookies

Speech season is in full swing and last weekend our team got second! It was really gratifying. Now I know why people coach things for years and years. It's a LOT more fun to "win" through others. So, being the proud coach I am, I took a picture of the plaque. Being the unprepared coach that I am, I didn't have my camera at the meet to take pictures of the students WITH the plaque.

As a member of the Cando Arts Council (which means I attend meetings once a month at which I say nothing and sometimes volunteer to either hang up posters for cultural events or offer my students extra credit to attend aforementioned cultural events) I was called upon to do something challenging: make a dessert that someone would pay for. It's going to be on a dessert buffet tonight at the art gallery. Extra challenge: make it valentines-y so that it can have a cute name. So, after much online searching and consulting with Bryan, I settled on the Game of Love cookies.

I'm thinking these are sugar cookies...I just followed the recipe so I'm not sure. The checkerboard pattern was created by stacking long squared off logs of white dough and chocolate dough.

Bryan's comment about the whole process: "You're very brave."

He didn't know that my back up plan was a tube of sugar cookie dough in the fridge...

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  1. LOL!!!! Love your thoughts and perspectives!

    I think it's truly the art of being a wife, amazing our husbands into thinking that we actually have a trick up our sleeves, but really, it's the ingredients that comes together really creates the magic!

    That's the magic of being a wife. :)