Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I had my first foray into pottery this evening. There's an artist-in-residence at school this week teaching the high schoolers all about ceramics. In the evenings he offers classes to adults. Last night we made finger bowls (sculpting the clay into a bowl with your....fingers....hence the name). Tonight we graduated up to the wheel!

You literally throw a round ball of clay onto the wheel, but I was too embarassed to ask if that's where the phrase, "throwing a pot" comes from. The artist that taught us, his name is Memo, was really helpful. I was surprised with how difficult it was and how easy it was to make a mistake. In fact, the pot is really more Memo's than mine because he stepped in to fix all of my mistakes.

The pot hasn't been fired yet so I don't really know what the final product will look like, but I'm really happy with how it looks now. I just have to decide what to store in my new bowl....change?.....post-its?....bobby pins?....SALSA?....I'm leaning toward salsa. I'll have to ask Memo if it's safe to eat out of.

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  1. Wow, that's so cool. And yes, that is where the phrase "throw a pot" comes from. Never be embarresed to ask a question silly. Didn't your mother teach you that?