Sunday, May 16, 2010

Geocaching & Track Meet

I went to a Bryan's brother Luke's track meet in Jamestown this weekend saw him compete in a few relays and throw the javelin. He made the javelin look really easy...and he got a PR of 113 feet!

When the track meet was over, Karen and I went on an adventure! I'd been wanting to try geocaching for awhile, but we didn't own a GPS, so the hobby was out of reach. We recently bought a Garmin, so I decided to try to GPS-treasure-hunt. I went online to, became a member, and searched all of the hidden geocaches in the area. Turns out there are a few in Jamestown, so I picked two for us to search after the track meet. The coordinates for the first geocache led us to the campus of Jamestown College, which was really close to the track meet. The little box was cleverly hidden on a light post. We signed the log and returned it to its spot.

The second geocache was a little more interesting. The coordinates took us to a little park with a gazebo. Then the GPS died... As were were searching around the gazebo, a man pulled up and we thought, " he geocaching, too?"

He wasn't.... It was National Train Day and he was setting up for a program in honor of the day. He showed us the public service announcement and the order of events and lamented that it wasn't well advertised so we should stay around. Another man pulled up and blew his train whistle. That seemed like our signal to get out of there. So we gave up on that geocache, but the hunt made it worth it!

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