Monday, March 9, 2009

Does North Dakota equate Felt Hat?

I got a pretty good laugh out of this: My sister is taking the train to ND next weekend and says I'll know it's her by the hat. --->
In other news, I have been impressing myself with my growing repetoire of what I'll call "Kitchen Accomplishments." By this I mean that I have discovered (with the help of the internet and wedding gifts) how to make many things that I didn't know you could "make," such as:
Whipped Cream (thank you hand mixer)
Seasoned Bread Crumbs (thank you food processor)
Steak Marinade (thank you Thunderstick blender)
Up next, bread and corn pancakes (thank you Shelby...if she agrees to spend her upcoming weekend in the kitchen)


  1. I found a promising recipe for the corn pancakes (cachapas?). I don't equate ND with felt hats, I just meant it in a train-to-the-plains-Janette Oke way. I think all of her characters wore hats when traveling.

  2. Shelby you are one of the most unique people I know by far! You are so cool.

    Love the new blog Mrs. Ressler! Very cool and I love keeping up with one another this way!