Saturday, March 14, 2009

Goodbye Turtleneck

These thoughts were inspired by a sight at the gas station in Cando. Gasing up next to one another were a set of snowmobilers in full snow gear and a pair of bikers in full leather gear. It was the meeting of the seasons: winter and summer...a.k.a. spring.

I have my own version of this strange meeting, this odd juxtaposition that takes place for about one week every spring. Come mid-March, each morning as I pick out my clothes it's the "Can I pull off the turtleneck for one more day?" question. And I get my answer the first time I see someone debut their flip flops (and a legitimate flip flop debut - the people who wear them out of season don't count. I don't care if they have sherpa lining). That fuddy duddy feeling of being over dressed for the weather cures me of my need to wear turtlenecks for about 7 to 8 months. I haven't seen a flip flop debut yet, but I have a feeling it's on the way.

I wonder if snowmobilers feel fuddy duddy when they see motorcycles?


  1. I have another sign of spring for you...junior high girls running on the streets in shorts and tee-shirts (getting in shape for track) having to jump over snowpiles.

  2. I think our Spring transition week came a little later than those we grew up with. Remember State B's? At least we were warm (?)

  3. Spring isn't here for real. Keep the turtleneck. The flip-flopers are just cold.