Sunday, March 8, 2009

Distinct Smell

Mitchell came to visit this weekend and became our first guest in a long time (since New Year's I think). His first comment was that our house has its own smell like most homes do. He said it wasn't a bad smell, just a smell. I couldn't tell you exactly what the smell was, either, because I had gone out of my way to make the place smell good - it could have been the Febreze on every surface that had cloth (or material that could pass as cloth....i.e. the cat), the Plug-in scented oil (the kind that switches scents every so often), or the Special K bars. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't trace what our house smell was. Hopefully visitors to come will be more descriptive about the smell.

The visit was a success with the activity of choice being napping/sleeping in. I think Mitchell left with that wonderful feeling of catching up on sleep after a few weeks of a busy college schedule. And Bryan and I don't have the busy college schedule to blame for our sleeping; we were just trying to be good hosts.

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  1. Very good blog. Every house has a smell (maybe aroma is a better term). Clean laundry is an aroma; cooking is an aroma. Potato/potato